Sunday, August 25, 2019

How can you maximize the performance of a rental apartment?

Surely this is one of the most repeated questions among owners, how can you maximize the performance of a rental apartment? Today we tell you what you need to know and the steps to follow to make it happen.

Start by making small improvements that help the performance of your rental apartment. A coat of paint, bathroom and kitchen renovation and small repairs will make your property revalued and that profitability is maximized. Also, remember that before renting you have to check that everything works well and get rid of old and ineffective furniture!

The first thing we have to look at is the proper functioning of everything in our home, from lights, plumbing, enclosures ... Repairing this type of elements does not take us just time and will make the house look better. On the other hand, one of the key points of a rental home is kitchens and bathrooms. As for the first, they must be equipped, if the furniture is old we have two options, on the one hand, reform with simple tricks, such as a coat of paint, vinyl on the furniture or the floor and of course, an integral cleaning of area. If these measures are not really enough, it is the perfect time to consider a small improvement reform and replace the furniture with new ones.

Regarding the bathroom of a rental home, it is important not only to check basics such as that no water is lost, or that the hot water arrives perfectly, but also, to change and condition utensils such as the bathroom mat, shower curtains and faucets.

Do not forget to pay attention to the rest of the rooms of the property, living room and rooms, these must be clean and completely depersonalized, in addition the renovation of the painting will allow us to offer a sense of sanitation that the future tenant will appreciate.

On the other hand, to expedite the procedures in the rental processes, we always recommend that the rental home have the supplies discharged and of course, that it has the energy label, mandatory for all homes that are going to be put on sale or rent. With a suitable home and be able to be inhabited from the first moment, and with the documentation of the property up to date , rent in record time, it will be easier.

To get the most out  of your rental apartment  you have to set a price appropriate to the market. With an analysis of supply and demand you can establish the exact price that will make your apartment profitable. By doing it well, as we have said on many occasions, you can get around  5% return , well above traditional investment methods.

As we have explained on many occasions the importance of correctly setting the rental price will determine the success of our rental. Setting a price below the market will not allow us to obtain the desired returns, while placing it above reality will not only make it difficult and lengthen the deadlines for renting, but may be the target of less compliant tenants. To avoid these situations, the correct thing is to set the price according to the market, the characteristics of the property, the area and of course, to be advised by real estate specialists.

Having a perfect tenant is synonymous with profitability. A tenant, in addition to being a good payer, must have other qualities. It is very important that you take care of your property and stay the maximum time in the house. In this way you will obtain maximum returns for your rental apartment. To make the perfect selection of the perfect tenant in your rental home, it is important to claim supporting documentation, employment contract, payroll, references from previous landlords and of course, apply preventive and analysis measures such as those made in Secure Rental. And it is that through the study of tenant candidates through financial scoring, helps us determine the ability to pay, as well as the solvency and viability of the future tenant of your rental apartment.

In Secure Rental we help you maximise the profitability of your property with the best guarantees. Enjoy a secure rental with the perfect tenant for your property and discover the advantages of being part of the company that has changed the rental market. Because, remember owner, that with Secure Rental you have guaranteed the timely collection of income on the 5th of each month. And that's not all! We keep delinquencies at 0%, integrally managing all your real estate assets. In addition, we offer you a digital platform where you can follow at any time any aspect related to the rental in addition to consulting contracts, tax reports, and even contact the tenant or the company directly and immediately.
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